Life and Light of Men Expositions of John 1-12


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SKU: 9781910513644
Author: F. B. Meyer
Pages: 271
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Ritchie Publishing
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John’s Gospel presents precious insights into the deepest of truths as it repeatedly testifies to the glory and Deity of our Lord. It holds a unique place among the records of His life. Yet, this Gospel is also as much the record of the man Christ Jesus, as of the only-begotten Son; and for this it is of inestimable worth to all who desire to follow in His steps. There is immeasurable wealth in this Gospel and this volume which considers chapters 1-12 is commended to the believer in the Lord Jesus Christ with the desire that it may be used by the Holy Spirit to bring the reader into a deeper knowledge of Jesus Christ our Lord.


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