Meditations on Elisha


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Author: J. G. Bellett
Pages: 89
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Believers Bookshelf Inc USA
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The story of Elisha begins as he saw his older friend and mentor, Elijah, caught up to heaven without dying. He then became the premiere prophet of the revolting ten tribes, known as Israel. Both Elijah and Elisha were true to the Lord, although Elisha seems to have had an easier time. The Lord working through him provided a starving lady with a continuous supply of oil, a son was raised from the dead, an iron ax head floated, Naaman the Syrian was healed of leprosy, God allowed Elisha to see a multitude of angels protecting him. Even in his death, after having been a prophet for about 60 years, when a dead man touched Elisha’s bones, he rose from the dead.

We are told that the Old Testament was written for our learning, and our brother Bellett constantly jumps from the account of Elisha to how alike the various accounts are of the Lord Jesus or something past or future concerning Him. Other accounts show our own hearts, that we may learn what God loves and hates in the lives of His people. These are soul-searching matters!

This book definitely requires you to read, for maximum benefit, the few verses or Bible chapters indicated at the beginning of each chapter of this book. Please do so!

John Gifford Bellett (1795–1864) was born in Dublin, Ireland, where met John Nelson Darby, and they became life-long friends. They both were seeking how the Lord could use them. They began to break bread together with a few others about 1830 after their studies convicted them of God’s order for His Church.


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