Mighty Men Series SET


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Author: J. J. Ellis
Pages: 404
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers
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5 volume set

A revived series of classic basic biographies of noteworthy Christians. Biographies of John Knox, Alexander Mackay, George Whitefield, William Carey, and William Tyndale. Profitable and challenging reading. BTP hopes to publish more in this series in the future. All books are age 12+ to adult.

John Knox: The Galley Slave Who Freed a Nation: Standing for God and His Word when it’s not popular or pleasant to do so can be a tough job. John Knox boldly served his Master as one of the prominent leaders of the Reformation in Scotland. In J. J. Ellis’s brief and vigorous tale of a bold and faithful man you’ll find lessons from God’s Word to stimulate your own faith to stand for Christ in challenging circumstances. How did John Knox end up as a slave rowing a galley? How did he propose to the woman he married? What did he say to Queen Mary’s face? you’ll find answers to these questions and many more as you learn how the Lord can guide and protect men and women of faith in difficult times.

Alexander Mackay: The Christian Who Changed the Face of Uganda: Alexander Mackay, watching in horror the murder of James Hannington who had come to help him, was suddenly struck by a vivid memory. The last words that he had spoken to his loved ones before departing for Africa came rushing back into his mind with terrible force. That day he had leaned forward intently, telling his weeping family and friends that he expected at least one or more of the party leaving for Africa to die in that dangerous land. But he had pleaded with his loved ones that, “When the news comes [of any one of us dying], do not be cast down, but send someone else immediately to take the vacant place.” The story of his live of service to his Master will certainly be a help in yours.

George Whitefield: The Man Who Moved the Hearts of Millions: An actor was intent on destroying one of George Whitefiled’s open air meetings, and so he threw stones and dust at the preacher. Nonetheless, Whitefield continued preaching without paying attention to the rocks that were thrown at him. A group of little children sat on the pulpit steps, and every time a stone hit Mr. Whitefield, they burst out into a flood of tears. Around 350 people got saved while listening to the sermon that night. One of these was the actor who had been persecuting Whitefield. Find out how the Lord worked powerfully in this and many other ways throughout Whitefield’s amazing life and tireless service for his Lord.

William Carey: Faithful Translator of God’s Word for India: “For several hours the tongues of fire leaped into the night sky! Our labors of twelve long years were all lost in a few hours! Think, twelve hundred reams of paper app burned, the sets of types for printing in fourteen languages, all of the Scriptures that we had collected for distribution, and all the valuable manuscripts! How can we replace our loss? All gone, Brother Carey, all gone!” Carry sat silent for some time. The blow had stunned him. But would it make him pack his bags and return to England? The life of William Carey teaches many lessons in perseverance, faith, devotion and focus. Best of all Carey pointed away from himself to the Savior who had given him all his talents. The night before his death Carey said, “Don’t talk about Dr. Carey. Speak, I beg of you, about Dr. Carey’s Savior.” Read on and learn what that Savior can do in and through His servants.

William Tyndale: Martyred Translator of God’s Word: William Tyndale spent much of his adult life on the run from those who were trying to kill him. He’d gather his valuable manuscripts and escape to a new city where he could continue his work of translating God’s Word into the common English language. In the end he was betrayed, extradited to England, tried and burned at the stake. But his faithfulness to death, love of God’s Word and careful translation continue to influence Christians today.


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