Money: Master Or Slave


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SKU: 9781882701575
Author: Norbie, Donald
ISBN-13: 9781882701575
Pages: 32
Binding: Booklet
Publisher: Gospel Folio Press (1999)
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A booklet on what the Bible says about money. Includes a list of all New Testament verses discussing the subject.

The Lord Jesus, who became poor that we might be rich, had a great deal to say about money. And when He told us that those faithful in little would be faithful in much. It is the test, He said, that tells the story.

But materialism is a subtle enemy and our hearts can betray us in this issue. That’s why we need guidance form the One who redeems sinners – not with gold or silver, but with His own life-blood. We ought to listen.

In this booklet, the author gives us clear biblical principles for winning the battle against Mammon and how to use our temporal resources for the glory of the Lord.


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