MP3 Rise Up West 2002 (MP3 CD)


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Author: Rise Up Conference
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Rise Up West 2002
Vancouver, British Columbia

This MP3 contains all of the conference messages including General Session speakers:

Donald Norbie
Daniel Smith
J.B. Nicholson

If you missed out on attending the conference in Charlotte but would like to enjoy all of the ministry, you can purchase the MP3 to be played on your computer. The disc will play in most modern DVD/CD players marked with the MP3 symbol.

Contains audio of:

Keynote 1 – God Is Missing – Donald Norbie
Keynote 2 – Biblical Perspectives of  Relationships Pt 1 – Daniel Smith
Keynote 3 – Christianity is to be Lived – J.B. Nicholson
Keynote 4 –  Biblical Perspectives of  Relationships Pt 2 – Daniel Smith
Keynote 5 – Your First Love: At the Cross – J.B. Nicholson
Keynote 6 – Biblical Perspectives of  Relationships Pt 2 – Daniel Smith
Keynote 7 – Getting in “The Way” – J.B. Nicholson
Seminar – A Call For Christian Writers- Donald Norbie
Seminar – A Construct For Biblical Counselling – Daniel Smith
Seminar  – Apostacy: Sign End Times – Jim McCarthy
Seminar – Assembly Missions Involvement – Eric Kalmabac
Seminar – Assembly Planting Lessons I Have Learned – Warren Henderson
Seminar – Biblical Principles – Stewardship/Integrity Part 1 – Allan Rae
Seminar – Character is Destiny – Rick DeVaul
Seminar – Christian Camp Ministry Opportunities Galore – Panel Discussion
Seminar – Christians In the Work Place – Kember / Curtis
Seminar – Counseling That Is Christian – Daniel Smith
Seminar – Dangers Ahead! Prepare Now! – Harold Summers
Seminar – Evaluating Personal Prayer Life & Improving – Joe Reese
Seminar – Evangelism: AT the Door, Parks, Streets – Tim Hood
Seminar – Finding Opportunities To Reach Children – Norma Stevens
Seminar – Friendship: Cultivating Godly Relationships – James Hull
Seminar – Give A Reason For Your Hope: Apologetics – John Bjorlie
Seminar – How To Get Involved As A Young Person – Harold Summers
Seminar – How To Reach Jewish Friends for Christ – Elie Nessim
Seminar – Preparing for Elderhsip – Jim McCarthy
Seminar – Principles & Practicals: Finding Life Partner – Rick & Gail DeVaul
Seminar – Raising Children For The Lord  – Joe Reese
Seminar – Reaching Friends&Neighbors Thru Bible Study – Warren Henderson
Seminar – Responsible Stewardship with Generosity Pt 2 – Allan Rae (2 of 2)
Seminar – Re-thinking Retirement thru Scripture – Donald Norbie
Seminar – Short Term Mission Overseas Opportunities – Eric Kalmbach
Seminar – Spiritual Nursery Discipling – Warren Henderson
Seminar – Techniques Biblical Counseling – Dan Smith
Seminar – Heart Cry for Revival – God-Sent Awakenings – John Bjorlie
Seminar – Home as an Outpost of Heaven – Ann Reese
Seminar – Importance of the Old Testament – Elie Nessim
Seminar – Mary Principle: find rest in pressure of  life – Norma Stevens
Seminar – What are Older Women Teaching the Younger? – Ann Reese
Seminar – How to Live Holy Life in Unholy World? – James Hull
Seminar – Why I Plan to Stay in Fellowship-Assembly – Joe Reese
Seminar – Worship & Lord’s Supper-Highest Privilege – James Hull
Seminar – You Can Get a Grip on the Word  (Part 1) – J.B. Nicholson
Seminar – You Can Get a Grip on the Word  (Part 2) – J.B. Nicholson
Seminar – You Can Get a Grip on the Word  (Part 3) – J.B. Nicholson
Seminar – Youth Ministry – Panel Discussion

**Originally recorded on cassettes, these messages have been re-recorded onto MP3 format for the listener’s convenience. As a result, the sound quality of the messages may be slightly distorted.**


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