My Cup Runneth Over (66 Meditations from each bk bible)

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Author: Harris, Ronald A.
ISBN-13: 9781877607820
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My Cup Runneth Over
By: Ronald A. Harris

There are many in the church today who know the facts about Christianity. But there are also those who know much about Christ. They are those who know Him well and worship Him sincerely. For them, worship is the natural overflow of hearts which have been primed with gratitude.

My cup Runneth Over is one author’s pathway for cultivating your own spiritual intimacy with God. Written by Ronald A. Harris, a missionary to Mexico for over four decades, this is a collection of 66 Christ-centered meditations-one from every book of the Bible. These spiritual insights personally learned and gratefully acknowledged by the author himself.

As a result, My Cup Runneth Over is the devotions of one man who hungers to see you enter into deeper levels of worship as well. Rich , sincere, Christ-honoring worship.


ISBN-13: 9781877607820
ISBN: 1877607827
Binding: Paperback
Weight: 0.35 lbs
Pages: 69
Publisher: Redeemer Books (1991)
Author: Harris, R.A.


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