Notes on the Book of Exodus


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Author: Mackintosh, C.H.
ISBN-13: 9781894956116


Notes on the Book of Exodus
By: C. H. Mackintosh

This classic commentary on Exodus has been continuously in print since it first appeared in 1857. Charles Mackintosh did not set out to provide a detailed commentary but rather to draw attention to scriptural principles, illustrations and examples found in Exodus. The deliverance from Egypt – the ten plagues, the Passover lamb, and the crossing of the Red Sea – provides wonderful and telling illustrations of the nature of God’s deliverance from our sins and the power of Satan. The history of Israel in the wilderness shows us the incorrigibility of our sinful nature and the longsuffering patience and grace of God, while the tabernacle in its turn teaches us much on the believer’s approach to God. From these varied topics the author presents God’s truth with much moral application in a simple and powerful way which has spoken effectively to God’s people for well over a century.

Mackintosh’s style is warm, very readable and clear. Every reader will gain spiritually from his writings.

ISBN-13: 9781894956116
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Binding: Hardcover
Category: Commentaries
Page Count: 307
Publisher: Believer’s Bookshelf
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Author: Mackintosh, C. H.


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