Notes on the Book of Genesis


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Author: Mackintosh, C.H
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Notes on the Book of Genesis
By: C.H. Mackintosh

This classic commentary on Genesis has been continuously in print since it first appeared in 1857. Charles Mackintosh did not set out to provide a detailed commentary but rather to draw attention to scriptural principles, illustrations, and examples found in Genesis. In doing so, he describes with enthusiasm the plan of salvation – the nature of sin and God’s abhorrence of it, God’s remedy for sin and all its consequences through Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross, and the believer’s relationship with God. Not forgotten is much moral teaching and advice. The author obviously wrote for his own age yet all of it is readily applicable to our own days, from creation on through the early history of man, the call and life of Abraham and the patriarchs to Joseph and the settlement of Abraham’s descendants in Egypt.

Mackintosh’s style is warm, very readable and clear. Every reader will gain spiritually from his writings.

ISBN-13: 9781894956109
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Author: Mackintosh, C. H.


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