Outlines In Bible Prophecy


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Author: De Silva, John W.
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Outlines In Bible Prophecy
By: John W. de Silva

The aim of this book is to make the first step into the realm of Bible prophecy less intimidating and, what is vitally important, to ensure that it is taken in the right direction. It seeks to do this by presenting God’s revelation of the future in a series of structured outlines. These outlines, supported by a range of illustrations and figures, identify and follow the prophetic landmarks, using God’s Word as the sole chart and compass. The single and unfailing standard in our navigation is to allow the Word of God to be its own interpreter.

Chapter 1: Preliminary matters relating to Bible prophecy: Source, Subject, and Focus (i.e. Christ)
Chapter 2: Interpretation of Bible prophecy
Chapter 3: Prophecy and the Church
Chapter 4: Prophecy and the People of Israel
Chapter 5: Israel, God’s People
Chapter 6: The Firstborn Nation (Daniel)

At this stage we should have gained a firm appreciation of the truth that Bible prophecy is essentially about Israel and its Messiah and not about the Church. Only after reaching this vantage point can we properly view and navigate the remaining prophetic journey into the divine order of future events and times, such as the Tribulation, the Second Advent of Christ and His Millennial Kingdom, which crowns the celebrated summit of prophetic revelation. These topics are taken up in Chapters 7, 8 and 9.


ISBN-13: 9781907731051
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Author: De Silva, John W.


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