Pamphlet: Christian History Time Line: 200 Fascinating Events in Christian History


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If Christian history seems too difficult for you, or for those you teach, then it’s time to take a look the Christian History Time Line pamphlet. This pamphlet is easy-to-use and provides the key dates, events, and people that believers should know. Knowing Christian history helps believers become more confident in their faith. From century to century, history clearly shows the growth of the church into new regions and countries.

The time line reveals more than 200 fascinating events related to topics including:
The development of the Bible
Persecution of Christians
Expansion of Christianity around the world
Church challenges and how they were resolved
Bible Translations
Evangelism and missionary work

In addition to more than 200 facts, Christian History Time Line provides more than two dozen portraits, photos, and copies of historic art that capture the history of Christianity’s 2,000-plus years.


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