Pamphlet: Why Wait?


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Pamphlet – Why Wait? 24 Reasons to Wait Until Marriage to Have Sex
Rose Publishing

Although many public school students receive sex education in school, Christians have a distinct view of the sacredness of sex that is usually not presented in a classroom setting. This Why Wait Pamphlet is a very basic abstinence education overview from a Christian stance that presents a Christian viewpoint on human sexuality in a simple 1-2 hour discussion. Many churches divide the students by gender to discuss these topics once a year, often in April or May, when public school address the issue, but it can be used any time.

The reality is that many students today have experienced sexual contact already. Some have been taken advantage of. Others were pressured or coerced. Some have simply been naive. This grace-filled pamphlet also helps those who want to be assured of God’s constant love and good plan no matter what they have experienced. It is never too late to treat yourself with respect and expect others to do the same.

24 Reasons to Practice Abstinence Before Marriage:
12 Biblical reasons to wait, with verses of Scripture that inspire and encourage
-12 health and emotional reasons, including issues of pregnancy, STDs and personal regret
-Nine ideas for “keeping out of trouble”

ISBN: 9789901980727
Pages: 12 panels
Size: 8.5 x 5.5″
Publishing: Rose Publishing


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