Pamphlet: Worldviews Comparison


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Pamphlet – Worldviews Comparison: Compare 8 Popula Worldviews
Rose Publishing

See how others view Christianity and Christians A worldview is the “big picture” view of the world, one that attempts to answer all the big questions of life: What is real? If there is a God, what is God’s nature? What is a human being? How can we know what is right or wrong?

Quickly compare a biblical, Christian worldview with several popular religious worldviews:
– Atheism – “There is no God.”
– Pantheism – “God is all.”
– Pan-En-Theism – “God is in all.”
– Deism – “God is a distant creator.”
– Finite God-ism – “There is a God, but He is limited.”
– Polytheism – “There are many gods.”
– Monotheism – “There is only one God.”
– Biblical Christianity – “There is only one Triune God.”

Topics covered include:
– Is there are God?
– What is real?
– Where did “What’s Real” come from?
– What is a human being?
– Are humans basically good or evil? How bad is the flaw-if any?
– Is it possible to know anything at all?
– How do we know what is right and wrong?
– What is truth?
– What is evil?
– Where do laws come from?
– What happens to a person at death?
– Can miracles happen?
– What is the meaning of human history?
– How do human beings get to know God, if possible?


ISBN-13: 9781596361492
ISBN-10: 1596361492
Pages: 14 panels
Size: 8.5 x 5.5″
Publisher: Rose Publishing


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