PowerPoint: 10 Questions & Answers for Mormonism


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PowerPoint: 10 Questions & Answers on Mormonism
Rose Publishing PowerPoint Series

10 Key Questions and Answers about the History and Beliefs of Mormonism (The Latter-Day Saints of the Church of Jesus Christ):

History of Mormonism
Who was Joseph Smith?
Where did the Book of Mormon come from?
Are American Indians of Israelite descent?
What does Mormonism require for salvation?
Why do Mormons practice “baptism for the dead”?
Why are secret rituals practiced in Mormon temples?
… and more

Features of this ready-to-use presentation comparing Mormonism and Christianity:

-More than 120 “slide” frames
-Printable handouts of each slide
-Tips for talking with Mormons
-Teach on one part or run the entire presentation
-Over 50 illustrations and photographs
-You control the timing, the speed, and order
This PowerPoint¨ presentation is in native format, which means you can extract, delete, and re-order the slides as you wish. This ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation includes extensive leader notes. Includes many LDS historical photos and pictures.

ISBN: 9781596361195
Format: PowerPoint Presentation
Slides: 125
Publisher: Rose Publishing


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