PowerPoint: 10 Questions & Answers on Atheism & Agnoticism


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PowerPoint – 10 Questions & Answers on Atheism and Agnosticism
Rose Publishing


This PowerPoint¨ presentation is in native format, which means you can extract, delete, and re-order the slides as you wish.

This ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation includes 125 “slides” and extensive leader notes. Includes many photos.

In this PowerPoint, leading apologists Dr. Norman Geisler and Alex McFarland (President of Southern Evangelical Seminary) look at the important questions of life, including –
What can we know about the existence of God?
What can we know about right and wrong?
Is belief in God compatible with science?
Is there scientific evidence supporting the belief in God?
If there is a good God, why is there evil?
What about all the evil done in the name of God?
Is the Bible an unreliable collection of myths?
Is there meaning and purpose to life?


ISBN: 9781596362529
Slides: 125
Publisher: Rose Publishing


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