PowerPoint: Then and Now Bible Maps


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Author: Rose Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781890947736
Pages: 60 slides
Publisher: Rose Publishing (2004)
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Then and Now¨ Bible Maps PowerPoint¨ will change the way you teach about the Bible forever! The fantastic bestselling ready-to-use Christian PowerPoint¨ allows pastors and leaders to show how maps from Bible-times compare with modern day geographical maps. These maps of the Bible show ancient bible maps and modern-day locations, covering the areas for all major Bible stories.

This Christian PowerPoint¨ contains more than 60 slide frames, bible maps with modern-time “overlays.” View it on a computer screen or use a digital projector. Rose PowerPoint¨ slides, handouts, and worksheets may be duplicated for face-to-face instruction free of charge.

Those you teach will be amazed to discover that countries they hear on the news all the time were once the biblical nations and cities they learned about in Sunday school or Bible study. Then and Now¨ Bible Maps focus on these five key biblical areas. You can show each Bible map with or without the modern-day overlays:
-The Middle East during Old Testament Times
-The Middle East – Assyrian Empire, Babylonian Kingdoms and Persian Empire
-The Holy Land during the time of the Old Testament
-The Holy Land during the time of Jesus
-Paul’s Journeys (Roman Empire at AD 60)

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