Raging Waves: Studies in the Epistle of Jude


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Author: Paul Young
Pages: 105
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: BSJ Printing
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Jude, an early disciple of Jesus, had set out to write about ‘the salvation we share’ but had been led instead to issue warnings against false teaching and its teachers that would undermine the Gospel message. To do so, he uses powerful illustrations to portray the actions of these apostates. The raging waves of the sea is one among them depicting furious activity and instability.
In this day of exceedingly great evil and deception, it is all the more important to hear and heed the Bible’s teaching on this subject. Presented as a verse by verse analysis of the short book of Jude, this is essential reading for all believers.
Paul Young is a full time Bible teacher, author and Trustee of ‘Echoes of Service’ currently living in UK. His other works include Bible studies on Lamentations, Haggai and Obadiah


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