Re-Introduction to Thomas Newberry Vol 2 CLASSIC SERIES


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Author: Newberry, Thomas
ISBN-13: 9781904064886
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A Re-Introduction to Thomas Newberry: Volume 2 (Classic Reprint Series)
By: Thomas Newberry


The Expected One: The author focuses the attention of the reader on The Expected One, none other than the glorious person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Although this world thinks that it has seen the last of Him, the Word of God makes it abundantly clear that this is certainly not the case.

The Perfections and Excellencies of Holy Scripture: Wherever you search in the Scriptures you can always find God’s Beloved Son. The author points out that the experiences of the Lord Jesus while hanging on the cross are brought out especially in the Psalms. The fulfillment of the types and shadows are presented in the Gospels, the doctrines founded on Christ’s atoning work in the Epistles, while the full and finished fruit of redemption is brought out in the book of Revelation.


Thomas Newberry was born to believing parents in 1811. He was born again at a young age. An English Bible scholar and writer, Newberry is most well known for his interlinear Englishman’s Bible. He devoted a significant amount of his life to studying the Bible, teaching alongside Robert Chapman, George Mueller and contributing articles to Christian publications.


ISBN-13: 9781904064886
Pages: 160
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Ritchie Ltd (2009)
Author: Newberry, Thomas


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