Scripture for a Secular Society


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Author: A. J. Higgins
Pages: 209
Binding: Paperback
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A Christian Worldview

The Christian faith has had a massive influence upon Western culture. A shift away from that heritage has been underway for decades, but now the pace of that change has quickened dramatically. Popular opinion is not directed by Christian belief. Our society is secular.

secular: Not connected with religious or spiritual matters (Oxford Dictionary)

How do we remain anchored to truth in a culture that sees no need for it? How do we cultivate a Christian perspective in a society where the secular voices hold sway? A. J. Higgins shows us that the Scriptures were written to address these needs of twenty-first century believers. in his well know and respected manner, “Sandy” brings the Bible to bear upon contemporary life and helps us to see the big picture as God sees it. These articles were originally published in Truth & Tidings and are written in a readable and concise format. Digesting this brief volume will contribute to a Christian thinking and living in a God-honouring way.

Sandy Higgins (MD) served as editor of Truth & Tidings for over twenty years. His ministry has been appreciated across north America and in several other countries. He and his wife are in fellowship with a local church in Barrington, New Jersey, where he shares in leadership responsibilities.




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