The Adventures of Gamrie Tickle


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Author: E. M. Wilkie
Pages: 143
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: John Ritchie
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This book follows the various adventures of a character from the Aletheia Adventure Series – Gamrie Tiberius Tickle. Gamrie Tickle grew up in Aletheia – the city of Bible Truth located in the middle of the dangerous land of Err. The people of Err want to change, assault, and even destroy Aletheia. So the people of Aletheia, who trust in the Bible, must learn to defend and fight for the Truth. Gamrie is one of them.

Quite often, things go badly wrong for Gamrie Tickle. You see, Gamrie is just one of those people to whom interesting, exciting things always happen. If there’s a fantastic adventure, terrible mishap, or deadly danger lurking around the corner, you can be sure Gamrie will walk right into it. So follow close behind him and watch what he does. But be on your guard! Unexpected things might happen…

P.S. If you’ve read The Broken Journey (Aletheia Adventure Series Book 3), you will have met Gamrie Tickle before!

Aimed at children aged approximately 7 to 12 years old, the book includes Bible verses and lessons at the end of each story. This book can be read on its own – without being familiar with the Aletheia Adventure Series.  


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