The Kingdom of Heaven


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Author: Samuel Ridout
Pages: 41
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Believers Bookshelf Inc USA
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What is the Kingdom? Those with some background in the Bible might speak of the Millennium, the Lord’s future 1000 year reign. That wonderful time is the future aspect of the Kingdom. But what about before then? King Nebuchadnezzar-the world’s most supreme monarch-was told that “heaven rules.” Paul spoke of the Lord as “The King,” Yet He is never called the King of the Church! Why? Because we as part of the Church are in a higher relationship than subjects of a Sovereign! We are seen as sons and as His Bride! He is our Lord, the Head of His body!

Matthew 13 gives quite a history of the Kingdom in mystery (previously-unknown) form! It applies today and goes on into the future. Mr. Ridout gives a full accounting of this wonderful chapter! You’ll see it speaks of profession compared to the reality of the Church! This key unlocks many of the “uncertain” verses of Scripture! Enjoy!

Samuel Ridout (1855-1930) graduated from Princeton Seminary after spending three years in the U.S. Navy. Under deep exercise as to his position, he separated from the Presbyterian denomination and began to follow the truths taught by so-called “Plymouth Brethren.” He married in 1883 and had several children. He followed F.W. Grant as editor of “Help and Food” magazine and had an extensive ministry among the assemblies for about 35 years. He wrote a number of books including this book on the Kingdom.


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