When The Lord Remembers His Own Zechariahs Prophecy


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Author: Davis, Malcolm C.
ISBN-13: 9781910513057
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When the Lord Remembers His Own: Zechariah’s Prophecy
By: Malcolm C. Davis

Zechariah’s prophetic ministry ended two and a half millennia ago, but his Prophecy remains relevant today.

As is noted in his other works, Malcolm Davis states, “This commentary has been written from a conservative Pre-millennial, Pre-tribulational standpoint, which accepts inspired Scripture at face value and believes that it should be interpreted as literally as is reasonable”. His robust defence of the unity of Zechariah’s prophecy is necessary and should be carefully considered by the reader.

The prophecy presents the glories of Jehovah’s Servant, the Branch, the Stone and the King riding on the foal of an ass.

ISBN-13: 9781910513057
Pages: 104
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Ritchie (2014)
Author: Davis, Malcolm


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