Work in its Right Place Reflections on the Life and Times of Hezekiah


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Author: C. H. Mackintosh
Pages: 42
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Bible Truth Publishers
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Being called upon to prepare the following little work for a Second Edition, I may just observe, by way of preface, that I have made no change in its contents save the addition of a note or two. The subject of which it treats is one that may, through grace, prove seasonable at a time like the present, when the enemy seems to working so much mischief amongst us. The words of the Apostle may be applied but too truly to us, “All seek their own.” May God grant that the consideration of Work in its Right Place may be used to awaken within us a fervent desire to emulate Hezekiah in his honorable course of devotedness to the service of God. The same way in which Hezekiah acted lies open to the very humblest amongst us; all we need is an affectionate and holy determination to give ourselves unreservedly to the service of Him who has plucked us as brands from everlasting burnings, and given us a place amongst the happy number of the redeemed. We have little idea of what each of us would achieve were we only to act with a little of Hezekiah’s spirit. True, we should beware of merely doing for doing’s sake, but we should also beware of lukewarmness, which often works most effectually when we are, apparently, standing forth in defense of high principles of grace. Wherever grace is really known, Christian action will not be wanting.


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